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Business to Consumer Debt

To resolve your debt we provide various products and
services to recover business to consumer debts. 

Other business solutions

We provide a full debt management service with various products and services to find the solution that works best for you. 

Debt Resolution

Debt Resolution

We’ll make contact with your overdue customers and recover the maximum amount of overdue debt that’s possible. 

Our aim is to free up your internal resources and improve your cash flow and profitability. If we receive debts earlier with full customer information (DOB, full name, invoice and address), collection strategies can be much more effective.

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Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is an effective tool to locate customers who you can no longer get hold of or have moved. 

We’re probably better equipped than most to locate these customers – our relationships with multiple credit bureaux and other third parties constitute a wide and well-connected network.

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Skip Tracing

Field Visits

Field Visits

It can be harder for people to say “no” when someone is standing right in front of them.

If your customer’s physical address is known, a friendly visit from our field agents can produce some positive results. During their visit they can create a more comprehensive profile of the customer and their ability to repay the debt. 

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Credit Reporting

Make sure you're doing business with the right people.

While we understand this may not always be possible, running a credit report on prospective customers can highlight any potential problems and help you make smarter credit decisions.

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Credit Reporting

Claudelands Rovers Sports Club


25 Apr 2018

Baycorp have helped us reclaim outstanding debt from a couple of years ago. When we need help with debt lists and balances the account manager is always there to help and answer our questions. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting use this service as

Hi Flo Pumps & Irrigation Limited


16 Jan 2018

I would be very happy to recommend Baycorp to handle any collections issues that arise through non-payment of accounts. I put in our request and they take over. Great service.

NZCU Central


27 Feb 2018

Baycorp is an integral part of our lending process and we would not have half the success we have at recouping our debt if it wasn't for them. I would definitely recommend Baycorp's efficient service.

Cleanme Cleaning Limited


27 Feb 2018

We have had a really good track record in using Baycorp. Simply the best collection company in New Zealand

Auckland Transport


03 Oct 2017

I have been dealing with Baycorp for around 5 years now and they have always been professional, approachable and in general just a great business partner.

Valley Parking Services Limited

Lower Hutt

19 Sep 2017

Our Business certainly has its challenges. The Team at Baycorp has made our debt recovery their problem so we are able to concentrate on what we do best.

Royal Oak Medical Centre Limited


09 May 2017

Baycorp lifts worries away especially if you don't want stress to be a part of your business life.

Equibreed NZ Limited

Te Awamutu

14 Mar 2017

We have used Baycorp for years and find them very effective over time to recover debts. They have become more user friendly over the years.

Neiman B Sweets D


07 Mar 2017

I have dealt with Baycorp for many years and find them particularly easy to deal with and any communication, when required, is fast and accurate. Results and payments, when successful, are prompt.

Dean & Associates


13 Sep 2017

Baycorp are well trained in debt collection. A debt registered with Baycorp affects the debtors credit rating. They are restricted then with their financial activities. We have collected numerous debts after loading them Baycorp.

Allan Cheesman


07 Jun 2017

I am grateful to Baycorp as they are able to use their expertise in dealing with difficult clients and ensuring that payment, even if it is just part payment is forthcoming.

Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic


23 May 2017

very efficient and professional

Far North Vets Limited


13 Dec 2016

Baycorp has been easy to deal with and if I need information they get back to me quickly.

Southern Cross QE Ltd


20 Sep 2016

The service that Baycorp provides is very professional and they are very good at keeping us up to date with progress.

Skinspots Clinic Limited

Bayfair, Tauranga

18 Oct 2016

Baycorp has removed the stressful procedure of collecting outstanding accounts by handling it for me.

Credit Union Central


25 Oct 2016

My experience through working with Baycorp is good. They are easy to deal with pretty good results, good feedback and cost effective.

Dean & Associates


01 Nov 2016

Baycorp have the training, resources and the systems to locate and manage debtors. Baycorp costs can be oncharged so loss of revenue is minimised. I highly recommend you choose Baycorp for your debt collection.

Waison Holdings Limited


12 May 2016

Our Company has engaged Baycorp for many years with well above average successful results and will continue using their facilities in the future.

Robbie Baxter Autos Limited


02 Feb 2016

We have used the services of Baycorp for many years and find them easy to use, especially their new online system. We do not have to pay for expenses up front as we do with other debt collection agencies. Thanks Baycorp

Mark P Ewing & Associates Limited


29 Mar 2016

Baycorp have been active in pursuing our outstanding accounts with good results and communication throughout.

Heather Maccoll


26 Jan 2016

Over the years have had a good return from Baycorp's services

Dean and Associates


26 Apr 2016

Baycorp has collaborative systems that effectively identifies, finds and manages bad debtors.

Spraywell Industries Limited


06 Oct 2015

We use Baycorp for the clients that take a long time to pay and ignore our requests. We find this seems to work for most clients and we receive a good portion of our outstanding debt.

Marine Haulage Limited


21 Oct 2015

I would recommend Baycorp to anybody - very thorough with all attempts to resolve debt.

Skinspots Clinic Limited


27 Oct 2015

Baycorp was very helpful and informative when I called and made debt collecting very painless and hassle free.

HR & CH Holdings Ltd

Tauranga Child Care

24 Sep 2015

We have used Baycorp on several occasions and will continue to do so as we have had no problems with their systems and results.

Gisborne Fisheries Limited


24 Feb 2015

Information and advise has been very helpful - also in a town like Gisborne local knowledge is useful.

Top Tours (NZ) Limited


29 Oct 2015

Baycorp while not being able to make any promises, were able to apply the skills to achieve the outcome.

Lumley General Insurance Ltd


04 Nov 2014

The fact that the name Baycorp is a well known brand might be enough to prod customers to do the right thing, but the service they provide is just as impressive. Thanks Team.

Matley Financial Services Ltd


22 Oct 2014

Because every time I call Baycorp questions are answered and action is taken. Also, they follow up debts that I have given up on. So it works positively for my business.

Kumeu Veterinary Services Ltd

Kumeu Vets

22 Oct 2014

Hassle free service that delivers results.

Schenker (NZ) Ltd


05 Nov 2014

Great team with a passion to achieve results. Very cooperative and quality staff who know how debt collection works. Excellent recommendations which have achieved best results.