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Credit reporting

Make sure you do business with the right people

Baycorp has partnered with Centrix, New Zealand’s fastest growing credit bureau, to produce an end to end debt solution. We want to provide better value to New Zealand businesses through experience, service and results. Minimise your risk and make smarter credit decisions with us.

Take out the guesswork

Whether you're providing finance to high risk clients or need to research a new customer's payment history, credit checking can help ensure you aren't taking unnecessary risks with your business. Assess the level of risk that a consumer may represent to a creditor by searching the personal property of that customer (PPSR).

Personal Property Securities Register

Registering your security interest on the PPSR may give you a better chance of recovering a debt if your customer defaults. The Act (Personal Property Securities Act 1999) contains rules for determining priority between security interests in the same collateral. If you do not register your security interests and a customer goes into bankruptcy or is liquidated, creditors who secured their interests will be ahead of you when payments are made or assets distributed.

Quality data from multiple sources for competitive prices

Centrix, New Zealand’s fastest growing credit bureau, has developed an extensive data network through the support of credit providers, business partners and other collection agencies. This means you get customised credit reporting that provides you the data you need to make educated credit decisions while still maintaining our low fees.

Why your credit score is important

Using robust algorithms developed by a leading global information service, we can analyse data and provide an easy to understand credit score report. This will help you make more efficient and clear decisions in credit management processes and also predict the odds of a payment default.

Customised solutions - only pay for what you use

We know every business has different reporting needs so we've designed our services to fit yours. We only charge you for the reports you use – there are no subscription or annual fees. We can also provide a single monthly itemised invoice if this suits your business best.

Signing up is free, you only pay when you request a report.

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These individual credit reports aid in assessing prospective new customers, or can provide a credit review of existing customers. Report includes:

  • Summary of data on file.
  • Consumer information on file including credit defaults.
  • Driver license verification.
  • Insolvencies.
  • Company affiliations.
  • Credit score.
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