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We have the experience, processes, people and data to get back what's yours.

Our Client Portal lets you perform a range of tasks in order to manage the debts you load with us, in real time. 

The information available through our Client Portal is based on a real-time view of Baycorp's Collection System so you see what our teams do. 

Loading debt online is the most efficient and cost-effective way of sending us new debt. Our Client Portal enables you to view the current state of accounts, upload documents, download reports, get copies of invoices and statements and access to more information about their account.

Signing up is easy, simply download our Client Portal Form

Alternatively, you can contact our Client Services Team on 0800 800 713

Client Portal

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Client portal FAQs

What can Baycorp's online Client Portal do for my business?

Baycorp's online Client Service allows you to view the current status of defaulting customers in "real time". It is an efficient tool that enables you to load debts, gain access to status information and request action on your defaulting customer files in real time.

How much does it cost to use Baycorp to collect my overdue accounts on the online Client Portal?

There is a one off $50 plus GST fee to open an account. Once the account is opened, each debt loaded is $7.50 plus GST for Online Clients only. On all payments recovered from your debtor in NZ, there is a 25% plus GST commission charged. On all payments recovered from your debtor overseas there is a 30% plus GST commission charge. If no money is collected there is no commission charged. Please feel free to talk to our Client Services team as you may be able to recover some of these charges from your debtor.

How do I get help on how to use the Client Portal?

Within the Client Portal you will find a link to a useful Client User Guide. This guide outlines:

  • How to login to the Client Portal
  • How to change your password
  • How to load a new debt
  • How to amend debts that have been entered but not submitted
  • How to locate files
  • How to update a file
  • How to review and action your Client Work Requests

It also includes a useful Glossary, which explains many of the abbreviations you may come across. If you need assistance outside any of these issues, or would like to speak to someone directly, please feel free to contact us.

Is there a cost to withdraw my debt?

Yes there is. Please contact our Client Services team and they will discuss this with you.

If my company has an online account, how can I get a login?

If you contact our Client Services team on 0800 800 713 or email, they will organise a login for you.