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Debt resolution

We want to help you resolve your debts

We prompt your customers in arrears to make payment. There’s always a way to resolve a debt, we do our best to do so in a smart and considerate way.

Debt collection methods

We’ll contact your overdue customers and aim to recover the maximum amount of debt. With the right data determining the nature of the debt, its age and size, and the particulars of your customer, we apply an appropriate recovery strategy and can use every contact available – phone, letter, emails, SMS, visits by field agents and if necessary legal enforcement.

Improve cash flow and profitability

We improve your debt recovery rates, free up your internal resources and improve cash flow and profitability. You still own the debt and we act as your agent to recover the funds. These are held on your behalf in an audited trust account and are paid to you according to our service level agreement. Our fees are flat fees or commission-based related back to performance.

We work with all businesses

We work with businesses in all sectors of many different sizes. We have specialist teams focused on servicing small to medium business as well as those for large businesses, government, corporate and enterprise.

Commercial collections

At Baycorp we understand the specialist skills needed for successful commercial debt collection. We have the personnel, resources, knowledge and expertise to deliver the results you need using intelligent strategies to resolve your debts.

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