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Field visits can be an effective way to facilitate debt recovery.
It’s harder to say no to someone when they are standing right in front of you.

Face-to-face with your customers

In some cases defaulting customers are unable to be contacted by phone with messages, letters and emails being ignored. The most appropriate option here is a personal visit from a Field Agent. We have a network of over 20 experienced agents covering New Zealand. These professional specialists are integral to the debt collection process.

Discovering more information

Visits by our Agents can result in the discovery or confirmation of the customer, property and vehicle ownership and contact information such as work number, address, email address are updated.

Obtaining payments

Field Agents can interview customers to get a breakdown of their income and expenditure and negotiate payment arrangements. They are experienced with having conversations about the consequences of non-payment and they continually work towards a solution with the customer.

Serving documents and auditing

All our Agents are authorised by the court to serve legal documents and they are also experienced in stock audits. This involves sighting stock, collecting data such as serial and model numbers and if necessary, taking photographic evidence.

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