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We are serious about resolving your debt

Using our legal services can demonstrate the severity of the situation.
Often it can encourage the immediate settlement of an account.

Notice of proceeding

It starts with a Notice of Proceeding (NOP). These are documents that we draft, have signed by our solicitor and filed by the court to serve on your defaulting customer. An NOP must be served personally on the defaulting customer or it can be served on any person at a company’s registered place of business, or on a director at their personal address.


After serving an NOP your customer has 25 days to respond by filing a statement of defence. If they don’t, we can help you have the judgment sealed by the court. We then have 90 days to proceed with judgment after the NOP has been served.

If your customer initiates consistent payments further legal
action may not be needed. If they don’t, more steps can
be taken to resolve the debt.

Selecting enforcement options

We have the team and expertise to help you choose an appropriate enforcement action. There are a variety of enforcement options available. Learn more about these here.

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