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Baycorp is a leading debt purchaser in the telecommunications, utilities, retail and banking and finance industries.

Relief and certainty

Larger businesses can sell their overdue debts to immediately recover a portion of their outstanding monies without resorting to what could be a lengthy internal or outsourced collections process. We can also offer an advisory service to assist in managing the entire debt sale process for you from feasibility and business case through to buyer selection, deal execution and post-sale reporting.

Protect your brand

Our focus on risk management; history of compliance and strong company values ensures your brand and reputation is always protected.

Immediate cashflow

Selling your debt provides you with an immediate and guaranteed cash in-flow while freeing up resources to concentrate on other areas of your business which generate more value.

How do we buy debt?

Baycorp specialises in the purchase of arrears debtor ledgers. We buy debt at an agreed price, based on an assessment of the debt recovery levels that are considered attainable. We buy debt either as a one-off sale transaction or on a “forward flow” basis, whereby the price is agreed upon upfront for 6 or 12 regular monthly debt sales.

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